Saturday, October 3, 2009

some random thoughts

Why do I even care?? There is a person who I know is struggling BAD - I have offered to be the one she vents to just so that she has an outlet. I know, stupid of me, but that is how I am - I don't want anyone to be hurting. For all I know, this person is laughing her ass off at me.

Tomorrow the girls will be going with B to Michigan to see his dad. I am in full blown panic mode. I know how he drives, I know how sleepy he gets when driving. I am worried about them making it safely. All of them. To keep my mind occupied, I will be going to the "Christmas in October" Craft Show back home - that is if everyone is feeling ok and studying doesn't need to be done.

The weather change has sucked - all us girls have felt like poop.

12 weeks till Christmas!!!!!

I am not ready for above mentioned holiday!

I should be doing laundry.

I have no clothes to wear to the Pampered Chef Mom & Me party this afternoon! (well ones that fit - weight loss is a double-edge sword.)

I love hearing Pease, Tank You, Cuse Me from Ducky


kyslp said...

Your husband gets sleepy driving too? Mine will actually pull off the road and nap - with the rest of us sitting there thinking "WTF?". Have fun at the craft show.

Erin M. said...

Can I ask why you're not welcome there? Or has it been discussed in other posts I haven't gotten to yet? Not trying to be rude or pry. I'm sorry.