Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Day

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. Eleanor Roosevelt

I am thanking the good Lord for this.

After a wonderful night of sleep in Goose & Ducky's room I feel like a new woman. (you think I was going to sleep with the sick invalid?) I have managed to get myself ready, muffins made, 2 loads of laundry gone through, and the girls up and around - all before 630 am!!! This is the way I use to be, getting up at the butt crack of dawn and having me time along with doing housework. I miss it and today was enough to motivate me to get out of bed before 6 - I didn't realize how much stress I was putting myself under by trying to rush and get everything done so that we could be out the door by 7 (I know it seems obvious writing it out).

I want to know where Goose gets some of her lines. The girls were playing the other morning and I caught her saying this "Stop talking Ducky, you're making me nervous." I have never uttered those words - well I have said you are getting on my nerves - so never mind I know where she gets it.

I know this post was lame, but it was another fly-by my seat of my pants one. It will get better promise! Thank you to my lovely followers and the friends who lifted me up when I was sinking. I am taking a new focus on life (again) starting today - isn't that what life is all about - trial and error?

Since I am at work, and did not get a chance to add the video I wanted to this morning, I am adding the lyrics ....

Brand New Day by Fireflight

I'm waking up
The world is turning
The sun is shining again
I'm holding on
To things I shouldn't
It's time to let them go
I've been on a losing streak
Hit so hard I couldn't speak
But when I hear Your voice it fades away
And I can hear You say
It's a brand new day
The pain goes away


kyslp said...

Good for you! I'm glad you're feeling better. I know what you mean about needing that extra time in the am. My job picks up next week and I will have to do the same thing.

Charisse and Holly said...

Out of my 3 kids, my youngest (6yrs.) is the one with all of the adult language. He is always pulling these one liners that floor us. I like your post by the way. Today is a new day...I'm getting good vibes. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

Erin M. said...

I should get up earlier, too. It would give me that extra "me" time I need and allow me to catch up on chores around the house.

Great lyrics, by the way.