Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Confessional

Well here we are again - Friday, oh sweet Friday!

Fridays around here mean two things, I get to post a Faithful Friday Bit and I also start a Friday Confession. Last week was my first week running the Confessional, and well, it wasn't too successful. BUT that is to be expected. Friday Confessions was not well advertised and I am a newbie.

So we are going to try this yet again. If you like the idea, please play along. If you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know. I am all about constructive criticism!

A few housekeeping items:
1. Confessions must NOT contain anything ILLEGAL (ie: murder)
2. Well really there is just the one housekeeping item, 1 just looked lonely sitting there all by itself.


Create a post on your site displaying the lovely Friday Confession Cartoon, link back to here, and sign in with Mr Linky.


Post your confession in my comments - whether you are signed into your account or as anon. It would be great if you did this route, if you could at least put the fun Friday Confession Cartoon on your site saying you posted a confession over here.

Easy as making a cake, don't ya think?!


So here goes nothing:

* Out of frustration of my husband's spending habits, I have purchased Starbucks WAY more than I should

* After reviewing the last week or so posts, I feel as though I have got caught up in blog carnivals

* Then after said realization, I go and create another carnival

* Part of me wishes my OBGYN wouldn't have so readily agreed to do the Novasure Ablation this past July

* I feel horrible for thinking the above - I am lucky to have 2 wonderful daughters and no more constant monthly (seriously it was a never ending monthly)



Holly said...

I have been a good girl this shopping (gasp!) other than for groceries (boring but necessary!). My biggest hold are in for a shocker...I have spent too many long late hours on this computer working on my blog and blogging skills. I am therefore SO TIRED cannot see straight and must go to bed tonight, because I would win a Scary Mommy award today.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Well, being pissed at the hubby...nothing new...I didn't answer the phone when he called several times...and he is out of town. Do you think he learned a lesson?? NO!

Sharon said...

Hubby and I have agreed to have kids... but.. we've als agreed to wait a year or more while we save up the money. What he DOESN'T know is that I've been buying little pink items here and there... and that last night in a fit of lonelyness and hormonal unbalance, I sat on the floor with these 20-30(!!!) items surroounding me and cried my eyes out at not wanting to wait. Ugh! If the hormones are this bad already, I don't even want to think of what will happen at our first prenatal class :P

Anonymous said...

I confess I had to "secretly" ask MJ how the whole confession thing here worked, because I do not understand the Blog World. I feel like a grandma when I say things like that!!

Love, Gretch

jodikris said...

I have a ton of them so you need to read my blog to see how bad I was this week! LOL

Anonymous said...

I stopped following 3 bloggers this week who just weren't doing it for me anymore. I think I broke a few follower rules doing that so sue me!

kys said...

I ate Reese's Cups for lunch 2 days this week. I'm not being a good mother. I'm spending too much time on blog stuff.

The usual.

I thought you weren't going to do it this week?

Erin M. said...

My confessions:
I have been spending way too much time on the computer/doing blogging stuff, too. But it's my schtick. My thing. It's what I do.

My husband is sex deprived the last 2 weeks or so. I feel badly, but I have no interest and no energy. And he's got that shoulder injury, so I feel like I have to be very careful, which isn't too fun.

I've yelled at my kids a lot this week. and I've been eating a lot of crap. I had several cookies last night, very close to bedtime (which is the dumbest thing ever and worst time to eat). Ugh!!!

Rook No. 17 said...

Two words: Pink Frosting! I made a batch of vanilla frosting for some cupcakes I was bringing to a friend's daughter's birthday party. There was frosting left over and it was so pink, so happy, so sweet and lucious that I had to have a spoonful...make that two...okay, I confess I ate about 1/2 cup of frosting. My hands were shaking from the sugar, but there was a big ol' happy pink smile on my face. Diet be damned!

Angel said...

Wow this sounds like fun! I am definitely coming back next week to confess!

Charisse and Holly said...

Hmmmm...I worked all day at the kids school, then told each of them it was ok to have a friend over for a sleepover/movie/dinner night. So fun...but now I'm exhausted. Frankly, anything I might have to confess I think was just taken care of with my generosity tonight:) Holly at