Sunday, October 11, 2009

what a weekend

Wow what a weekend and Sunday is only half over.

Lets start with Saturday fun. I put on my big girl panties and went as a family to my father-in-laws' house up in Michigan. The 3.5 hour drive was uneventful - thank goodness! (yes we drove a total 7 hours yesterday just to visit 4 hours) I have to be honest and say I took a nerve pill because I was working myself up. But I digress, the day was about the girls and the search for a perfect pumpkin at Grandpas' house.

Now today I have been given some Blog Love in a BIG way. Holly over at Life Laugh Latte bestowed me with not one, but two blog awards. I am speechless. I started this blog just to have a place to put my thoughts down during a time of turmoil and now I have a small family of followers. (and yes I am a dork and think of all you as a family of sorts) I just hope that I don't get blog fright and choke just as I am expanding this family.

Here are the honors:

I know I need to return this bloggy love, and I will, but right this moment I have a 17 mo old that is demanding momma's attention!

Thank you again Holly @ LLL *smooches* and to all you newbies, sit back, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy!


Liz in Virginia said...

Congratulations on your awards! I was sent here by Holly and Charisse at LLL and I'm glad I showed up -- your site is so friendly and fun.

Come on over and visit me!

Liz @

Charisse and Holly said...

First of all...appalling that your in-laws wouldn't welcome you. I'll be praying about those hardened hearts. Not right!
Second...glad you love the awards. Enjoy!
Third...Love any and all pumpkin pictures. Adorable.
Holly at

Kathryn said...

I second the congratulations on your awards! I'm already drinking to 'em...hope you don't mind. Sweet photos of the kiddies.....
I'm guessing we have 2 Grandpas together??
That's my best guess.

kyslp said...

I love the pictures of your girls - too cute! I understand about dreading the family visits. Sometimes we do what we have to, don't we?

Erin M. said...

in-laws are not on my list of favorites...

and if there are 2 grandpas....? we have that going on, too. and a pair of uncles, as well.

i wish i knew more about what is going on, but i guess i'll have to catch up some more to fit the pieces together.